Every year, the Ditchbanger Snowmobile Race transforms ERX Motorsports Park in Elk River, Minnesota, into a chaotic winter wonderland. Picture this: a bunch of folks, bundled up like Michelin Men, revving their snowmobiles like they’re auditioning for a role in “Fast and Furious: Arctic Drift.” The air is filled with the scent of gasoline and the sound of engines roaring, echoing off the snowy hills like the call of wild Yetis.

Gateway Powersports at ERX ditchbanger Snowmobile Race

The Gateway Powersports crew is getting 2 snowmoibles ready for the ERX Ditchbanger Nationals this Febuary. In 2023 we made our first visit to ERX Ditchbanger Nationals and had a great time. No victory was taken home, but lots of memories were made. We are looking for more memories in 2024.

In this crazy snowless year, this new annual tradition is one the whole team is looking forward to! Fun day at ERX in Minnasota to talk sleds adn see what everyone has drug out of the behind the Shop to race against some famous faces and lots of average Joe’s

Ditchbanger Racers & Snowmobiles

Riley Anderson #63

Riley Anderson

Riley Anderson, Hub City’s resident he!! raiser in the 2010’s and Gateway Powersports Shop Manager and resident Guy with BIG Crazy Ideas will be racing a  .  For 2024 Riley will be racing Ditchbanger Pro Lite class. In 2023 Riley finished 22nd in the Pro Lite Class with a shared Sled with Gabe.

Gabe Steffes

Gabe Steffes | Gabe's Custom Builds at ERX Ditchbanger Race

Gabe has been riding Snowmobiles since he could walk, at 15 this will be his 2nd Ditch Banger Race. In 2023 Gabe placed 17th in the Sport Light Class on a clapped out Polaris Sled. Gabe Upgraded to 2001 Polaris Pro X 600 for the 2024 Race.

Gabe has been working at the Gateway Powersports Shop for several years in all his spare time and has recently started documenting is builds and anticits on social channels under the Gabes Custom Builds Brand.

Racing at ERX Motorsports Park

The Ditchbanger at ERX is a race where the only thing colder than the weather is the glare you get when you accidentally spray snow in someone’s face as you zoom past them. And let’s not forget the post-race celebrations, where competitors swap stories of daring stunts and near misses over steaming cups of cocoa, because nothing says “victory” like sipping hot chocolate while your toes slowly thaw out. Ah, the joys of winter in Minnesota—where the only thing more thrilling than the race itself is trying to remember where you parked your car in the snowdrift.


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