No Snow on New Year’s in the Northwoods of Wisconsin for our annual after Christmas Snowmobiling adventure. Our family patiently watched the weather forecast on a moment to moment basis as we approached December 2023. As we neared our departure date, the rumblings of canceling our trip were heard  in small group conversations. What, no cider by the fire, no evening stories of previous years mechanical malfunctions, no up north Fish Fry’s, No New Year’s Old Fashioneds. 

We decided as a family we could all use a little up north cabin therapy, we would just make our trip a few days shorter and enjoy the time. Spread a little Holiday Cheer and cold hard cash across the North Woods. We were happy to see that we were not the only ones enjoying the snowless North with a good holiday spirit. UTV Groups dressed as Snowmobilers, Bar & Restaurants with open arms welcoming the Holiday Travelers, Snow or No Snow. 

Winter Fun in Eagle River, WI

Off we went to Eagle River, WI, the drive was a breeze with no trailer or wintery road conditions, so that was a plus. Cabin was just as we expected, parking was also much less stressful without maneuvering trailers! Old Fashioneds and cider by the fire stasted the same, as long as you didn’t look at the ground when you looked out the windows. 

First Stop for Lunch Log Cabin in Conover for Pizza, seriously our fav! Bloodys were great! Homemade Apps and the bartender gave us a deck of cards for a hot game of Kings Corner. 

This is one of our fav snowmobile stops, but honestly it was much better to ride home in the truck after a big slice of pizza. 

Next up a Shopping Trip downtown Eagle River . Ladies hit up Cotton Birch and boys headed to the Grandma Hobby Shop for some RC Car parts and fun craft activities for the kids. Downtown Eagle River was bubbling with excitement. Sad to see the Eagle River Bakery was closed during our visit. New sandwich shop that we never made it to, but popped in to was Aiello’s On Wall Street, looks like definitely worth a stop in the future. 

Headed to the cabin to await our friend’s arrival and a heated evening of Euchre.

Steve and Lacey Steffes | Gateway Powersports
Greenhills Log Cabin Conover
Greenhills Log Cabin Conover
Honey Bear |. Best Fish Fry in Eagle River

Friday Night Fish Fry at Honey Bear is a must on our list if we are in the area and a  night cap at the Nutty Squirrel. Both places were jammed with people celebrating the weekend in the North Woods and being together. 

Saturday we rushed to the Eagle River Bowling Alley just as they opened to grab a few lanes and it was the hottest place in town, lanes were already filled.  We put our name on the list ans headed off to Trackside to dream about some new gear and See the Sleds. After we inspected the new Ranger 1500 and the lack of progress on the World Championship Track ( Keep praying!) we headed to the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame. The hall of fame is worth a stop if you have never been, it’s amazing to see what those early riders endured! 

And afternoon of Family Bowling a blast and there were LOTS of other families doing the same thing! Saturday Nights Dinner was a real delight at Twlight Supper Club  in Land o Lakes, we have tried for a few years to get in and always missed the reservation, but this year we got an early one and we will make sure we do the same in years to come. It was a true Up North Supper Club Experience with delicious food, Old Fashioned in Goblets and Ice Cream Drinks. The Staff was wonderful and the atmosphere was warm and magical. 

Alex Karsten at Twlight in Land o laKES
Bauers Damn Eagler River

New Year’s Eve in Eagle River, WI

New Year’s Eve Day was a special treat, we had a young couple in our group getting married in 2 weeks! What a fun way to explore the Northwoods on a Bachelorette and Bachelor Scavenger Hunt! Great way to meet some new friends and see some old ones. Bauer’s Dam took the party to another level with all the props! Burnt Bridge Tavern didn’t disappoint with a wedding cake pretzel and we were among friends at Sayner Pub where we ran into our Old Friend “ I drank with Frank” 

New Years Eve Celebration was hosted at Eagle Waters Resort. A Casino Royal Evening enhanced with the Packers Win and Champagne and Festivities at Midnight. 

While it’s disappointing not to have the expected snow for your snowmobile trip, Northern Wisconsin offers plenty of other experiences and opportunities to enjoy the winter season. Flexibility and a positive attitude can turn an unexpected situation into a memorable adventure. If you have a Up North Trip on the books consider keeping it and heading up to visit some of your local favorites and maybe a few now stops to keep their doors open in this time of year where they should be flooded with snow tourism and Mother Nature is being a little stingy. 

Support your Favorite Up North Business, if you want them to be there next year.

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