Fall is here and it is time for your preseason Snowmobile Maintenance. I am sure you had the best intentions to spend some weekends this summer and get those sleds repaired and maintained for the upcoming snow season, but most of us spent too much time soaking in the summer to worry about those sleds. No worries, the Gateway Crew put this list is preseason maintenance that will help you check over those machines in just a day or if you are deep in fall sports and hunting, give Gateway Powersports a call. Gateway has a bunch of sled heads who will be happy to give your sled a once over and make sure you are greased and ready to hit the trails as soon as the snow flies.

Check Track Condition

Look over the track for cracks in the rubber, missing lugs or separation of the rubber.  If you see any serious damage, a new track is needed. Also check to ensure that you aren’t missing any track clips or studs if you are running them. Running a track in poor condition can result in damage to your sled or worse.

If you find your track is in poor condition, Gateway has a good slection of used Tracks and a few new ones in stock, hoping to have more before the season starts if the supply chain gods shine on us.

Change Chaincase Lube

Chaincase lube can shear & deteriorate over time, which reduces its lubricating properties. Metal shavings from the chain and sprocket can build up over time as well. We recommended that you should change out the chaincase fluids every year.

Many sleds have a drain plug in the crankcase, while others need to be drained by pulling the cover. Once the lube is drained, remove the cover if you haven’t yet done so to clean the case. Use a degreaser and a rag to wipe away all of the sludge and metal shavings build-up. You can also check the condition of the chain and sprockets at this point too. When everything is clean, reinstall the cover and plug. Be careful not to over-tighten the drain plug as this can cause major damage.

Gateway carries a big stock of AMS Oil Chaincase fluids and oils.

Carbides & Hyfax

Take a quick look under your skis to see how much of a cutting edge is left on your carbides. If they are flattened off with no usable carbide left, it’s time to swap them out. Gateway Stocks Wood’s Carbides, give us a call to see if we have what you need in stock.

Most sets of hyfax have a wear indicator on them to let you know when their lifespan is up. If yours are at or very near that mark, swap them out for a new set and your track will spin freely for the upcoming season.

Drive Belt & Clutch

Remove your drive belt to make your inspections. With it off, make sure there are no loose cords or defects in the shape of the belt. If the sides of the belt seem glazed, you can take a scuff pad to it and scrub away the glaze. While the belt is off, take a look at the clutch sheaves as well. You can clean and scour them with the scuff pad and some brake cleaner as well.

Check the belt deflection once you reinstall the drive belt. Run the sled for a bit, enough to engage the clutches, whether that is a short ride or on a lift. Ensure that the belt is sitting slightly above the secondary sheaves. If it isn’t, either your belt is too worn or your clutches are not aligned properly. If it is fine, check the deflection.  This is the amount of slack the belt has when pushed down on in the middle. Your book should have the proper specs, but slightly over an inch is fairly normal.

Time to Upgrade

If your looking around the garage and you think this might be the year to upgrade those sleds to the next best thing. Check out the Gateway Powersports Listing Page to see what the next best thing is. Gateway often has sleds as new as 2022 rolling through our inventory.

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